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Urządzenie RAM

Urządzenie RAM (Rurowy Aparat Magnetyczny) - dokumentacja techniczna

The tubular magnetical Device (RAM)


Magnetic fields and connected possibilities with their practical utilization have been for many years worldwide an object of intensive research and observations. One of many are research targeting qualification of the influence of the magnetic field on the change of physical proprieties of water and the process of the precipitation themselves sediments of the furring in parley heat engineering, cooling, technological and installations sending water to alimentary aims. Within the framework of this activity specialists from the Firm "Feniks" worked out and practiced industrial the technology and the original construction (the device of the type OF FRAMES) the servant to the realization of undertakings targeting - across the change of the propriety of physical water - the liquidation of the responsible reason for the process of the precipitation himself hard stone- sediments. Worked out technology, made possible conditioned of the properly prepared laboratory- installation , the maintenance of the ionic form salts mineral dissolved in water brought to the boiling heat. In the process of her vaporization and supplementings of decreases permitted this on the considerable elevation of the degree of the salinity of water.
In case of industrial water systems it is possible to change the fashion of the crystallisation of mineral salts and decomposition of previously formed stone deposits (demonstrated in microscopic photographs presented) - (here)

The rule of the activity

Mentioned first of all the permanent change of the propriety of physical water, appearing with the change of the oblong time relaxation of magnetical, one obtains during her flow in the space of the magnetic field about proper for these changes to the characterization. A source of this field is the magnetical heap into which the composition is entered by permanent magnets and elements magnetized executed with suitable of well-chosen magnetical material. The simple construction of the device lets on his assembly in the installation in every position, aside from of the direction of transfluent in him liquid.
The development in water of permanent changes of her physical proprieties makes possible the change of the manner of the crystallization of dissolved mineral salts aside from of the degree of the salinity, the composition, the temperature and the pressure to what water becomes subjected in indicated previously industrial installations. The occurrence this permitted with the full success to use our technology and devices of the type OF FRAMES - for the purpose of restraints of the process {the trial} of killing himself hard stone- sediments - in about twenty industrial installations and installations sending water for alimentary aims. They assort them the boundary strip other: the pumper installation of the drainage of the orogene in the coal mine "Sośnica", the installation of the desalting of hole waters of the Factory of the coal mine KWK "Dębieńsko" in hazels and the boiler-(steam-boilers) installation and the technological line production sugar - the Sugar factory "Racibórz" in Racibórz.

Comment: Possibilities of water concerning abilities of the schedule of the earlier resultant stone- sediment in the boiler- installation, order to turn the special attention on the level of the concentration of silts in the water space of kettles.
The offence level concentrations of present silts partly water to the time of the entire retirement of stone- sediments , can cause definite exploitive problems of the kettle connected with foaming himself water and with snatching up of impurities by a couple. In the relationship with above- , observing the work of the kettle, belongs the level of the concentration of silts - across the system deslime to bring to such height at which the occurrence this will surrender to the entire disappearance.
The removal of sediments having the form of the silt from the feeding installation the kettle can let on entire solution of this problem.
Advices of the instalation
The assembly of the device

The device can be assembled in the any position: perpendicular or horizontal in the dependence from the possibility of the user. The factor heatners or cooling can be directed into the space of the magnetic field of the any pole. Devices are executed in versions making possible inclusive their to every installation about the any efficiency.
Have on the regard the persistence of changes reaching in water during her flow afield magnetical of the device OF FRAMES, one can it assemble with the equal success in the feeding installation the all institution, as also in the feeding installation the device in his contiguity.

The service and the preservation

Practically, after the settlement of working conditions of the device, the apparatus OF FRAMES does not demand the job control by the user. The frequency of maintenance works of the device is connected with a cleanness of the cooling factor or heating. Subject devices on the accelerated process of the corrosion, the damage or else mechanical consequential impurities from the character of the work of the installation to which take part among other things technological lines production sugar, the desalting of hole waters , relatively installations pumper draining orogenes, to be subject will be to periodic reviews and repairs passed by the service provider within the framework of the contracted contract.